Composite Fillings

Dental fillings are the most common cosmetic dental procedure done throughout the entire world. For years, amalgam fillings were used to restore teeth that needed cavities filled, but today composite fillings are the top choice among dentists and their patients. Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings made of composite resin. While amalgam fillings are very noticeable inside a person’s mouth due to their dark color, composite fillings can blend in very naturally with a person’s smile so that they are virtually undetectable. At Mendota Springs Dentistry, we are proud to provide patients with composite fillings when they have cavities that need to be filled.

Dr. Vivienne Zhang, DDS, understands the importance of restoring the teeth to full health. Any time a cavity is present in the tooth, it needs to be filled in order to prevent serious decay from occurring and spreading to neighboring teeth. Composite fillings have been designed to withstand the normal wear and tear associated with the usage of the mouth on a daily basis. They will last for years to come, providing your tooth with the protection it needs to remain healthy.

What is a Composite Resin?

For those who are unfamiliar with tooth colored fillings, you may be asking, “What is a composite resin?” Composite resin in a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore teeth that have decay present. Many people have recently learned that they are highly effected by the mercury used in amalgam fillings. When amalgam fillings were first designed to do their job, they were effective at filling cavities. However, long-term effects were not well understood until recently, and many people are having their amalgam fillings replaced with composite resin

Composite resin fillings have advantages over amalgam fillings. The first advantage is that they cause no serious consequences to the patient. No metal is used in the filling; therefore, patients have no negative side effects with their usage. The obvious advantage with composite resin is that the fillings can be custom matched to the color of your natural teeth. This makes your dental fillings all but completely unnoticeable in the mouth. But another advantage with composite resin is that it can be used on the front teeth when cavities are present. While cavities less commonly occur on the front teeth, when they do need to be filled patients now have a virtually undetectable option for restoring the health of their teeth.

Mendota Springs Dentistry proudly restores the dental health of all our patients. While keeping your mouth cavity-free is our ultimate goal, if a cavity does occur, we offer white composite fillings to restore your oral health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for you or a family member.

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