Mendota Springs Dentistry is proud to be able to offer Invisalign to our patients here in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. People all across the United States desire to have a beautifully straight smile that they can show off to everyone they meet, yet many feel that this dream is out of reach because they do not want to wear traditional braces. Invisalign is a truly innovative orthodontic treatment system that is virtually undetectable in the mouth, yet is highly effective for manipulating the teeth into their desired positions.


Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic treatment. For many years, orthodontic patients had to endure years of metal braces, wires, rubber bands, and constant adjustments in order to achieve a perfectly aligned smile. While this was viewed as a “rite of passage” for adolescents and teens, adults who desired to have straight teeth were often unwilling to put up with metal brackets. Invisalign treatment allows patients to undergo orthodontics without anyone else being aware of their treatment. This has allowed millions of adults to finally achieve the beautifully straight smile that they have always wanted without interrupting their lives with unattractive metal braces

Invisalign is a truly revolutionary orthodontics system that uses the latest in technology to effectively move the teeth. Please contact Mendota Springs Dentistry to learn more about Invisalign and whether or not this innovative orthodontics treatment is ideal for you.

Invisalign Teen

invisalign teen

While teens have been wearing braces for decades, that does not mean that braces are still the optimal orthodontic treatment. Invisalign Teen was designed to allow teens and young adults the ability to achieve a perfectly aligned smile without metal braces getting in the way of their lives. Teens these days feel a great deal of pressure to keep up appearances, and traditional metal braces can put a huge burden on teens. Not to mention, that teens who are involved in sports and recreational activities are often at an advantage while wearing traditional braces because of the higher chance of injury to the mouth. Invisalign Teen allows teenagers to live their lives without the burden of traditional braces. They have the freedom to eat anything they want by simply removing their aligners while eating and then replacing them once they finish. They also have the freedom to smile and feel confident. Unless they tell people, no one will even know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment because Invisalign Teen uses clear aligners.

Invisalign Teen offers the same dramatic results that Invisalign offers adults, utilizing the same technology and undetectable clear aligners. If your teen is ready for orthodontic treatment but does not want to go through the traditional method of braces, contact Mendota Springs Dentistry today to learn more about Invisalign Teen.

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