Fitchburg TMJ & TMD Treatment

Mendota Springs Dentistry provides successful treatment for those suffering from TMJ/TMD here in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. As a comprehensive family dental practice, we provide general dental services for patients of all ages. TMJ and TMD can cause debilitating discomfort and pain when patients are not provided the precise treatment that they need. At Mendota Springs Dentistry, Dr. Vivienne Zhang, DDS, provides the latest in TMJ & TMD treatment as well as a full range of comprehensive dental services in the general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry areas.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (known by many as either TMJ or TMD) is a disorder in the mouth and jawbone that causes extreme discomfort in the facial region. The temporomandibular joint controls the movement of the jaw hinge joint that allows the mouth to open and close. When the joint does not function properly, it can cause difficulty with chewing, speaking, yawning, laughing, and other normal functions that you perform every day without thinking about them. At Mendota Springs Dentistry we are committed to helping patients find long-term relief from their painful condition.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

As with any medical condition, having an accurate diagnosis is extremely important in achieving successful treatment. While jaw pain and discomfort are relatively common issues that dentists deal with, no two mouths are alike – meaning that everyone has a very specific cause for their pain. TMJ/TMD can be caused by the misalignment of the upper and lower jaw bones, so that when they open and close they do not fit together properly. TMJ/TMD can also be caused by teeth grinding or teeth clenching. Both of these negative habits put a great deal of pressure on the temporomandibular joint and cause cause pain throughout the day and night. Many people who suffer from TMJ/TMD also complain about a clicking sound when they chew their food and when they open and close their mouths. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis will allow Dr. Vivienne Zhang, DDS, at Mendota Springs Dentistry to provide the most successful and effective treatment for TMJ/TMD.

While many insurance companies do not provide coverage for TMJ/TMD treatment, Mendota Springs Dentistry is proud to offer flexible financing options to our patients. Please contact us today or call to speak with our friendly staff members for information.

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