What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath In Children?

What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath In Children?

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Have you noticed that your child’s breath has recently become worse? For both adults and children, bad breath, often known as halitosis, can be very embarrassing. Asking your child to brush and floss correctly will help eliminate foul breath. Alternatively, a quick mouth rinse would suffice. If the problem persists, you should seek immediate care from a pediatric dentist. It may be a sign of something far more serious. Our dentists at Mendota Springs Dentistry will help you to learn more about the causes of ba breath in children.

What Causes Bad Breath In Children?

Bad breath can make your children feel embarrassed and harm their oral health. Identifying the causes can assist you in properly dealing with the issue and determining when you should see your Fitchburg pediatric dentist. Let’s look at these reasons in more detail.

Foreign Object Stuck In The Nostril

Kids have a tendency of stuffing strange objects down their noses. Legos, beads, or any other toy they enjoy playing with could be the reason. If left unnoticed, these stuck particles might cause your child’s breath to stink. If you suspect your child has done something similar, make every effort to remove the lodged object as quickly as possible.

Dry Oral Cavity

Your child’s stinky breath could be the result of a dry mouth. Kids frequently forget to drink enough water, resulting in decreased saliva production. The major means of removing bacteria that cause odor is through saliva. As a result, dehydration may cause smelly breath, and you should encourage your children to drink plenty of water. You can consult your pediatric dentist in Fitchburg to find out more reasons behind halitosis in kids.

Swollen Tonsil

Swollen tonsils are another cause of halitosis. A tonsil infection can cause white pockets and a red look to your tonsil. Bacteria can build up in the white pockets of your child’s mouth, causing a foul odor. You should have your child’s tonsils checked and follow all of the advice given to you by your Fitchburg pediatric dentist.

Food Items That Smell

There are a variety of foods that can give your children foul breath. Garlic and onion-rich meals might make you smell bad. After your child eats a meal containing these ingredients, you must clean his or her mouth.

Certain Medicines

Halitosis has long been associated with medications. Dehydration is caused by many drugs and antihistamines available on the market. You should not be concerned if your child’s breath smells foul after taking a new medicine. After the medication’s course is over, everything will be back to normal. However, you must consult your pediatric dentist in Fitchburg if the halitosis persists.

Sinus Issues

Does your child have a sore throat or a blocked nose? A sinus infection could be the reason. Your child’s stinky breath could be caused by an excessive buildup of fluid in the nasal canal. If your child’s halitosis persists, you should visit our dental office right away.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about halitosis in children. Get in touch with us at Mendota Springs Dentistry for the best pediatric dentistry services in Fitchburg, WI.


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