How You Can Prevent Cavities In Children?

How You Can Prevent Cavities In Children?

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Cavities can be extremely scary and painful for kids. We must push our kids to practice a good oral care routine to avoid the onset of cavities. Proper care from an early age is extremely important. It will protect your child from painful procedures and also prevent tooth decay. Our dentists at Mendota Springs Dentistry have listed down a few tips to prevent dental cavities in children. Let us take a look at their recommendations.

What Is A Cavity?

A cavity or dental caries usually form when certain parts of your teeth are damaged. It can develop into holes if left untreated. Harmful bacteria present in your mouth produce acid which corrodes the surface and forms those holes. Initially, you might not even realize that you are suffering from dental cavities. However, as the decay starts spreading you might experience pain and experience oral health complications.

Tips To Prevent Cavities In Kids

Wondering how to minimize the chances of dental cavities in your children? Your Fitchburg dentist has got your back.

Practice Good Oral Habits

A good oral care routine is the key to prevent any sort of dental issue. Teach your children to brush and floss regularly at an early age if you want to prevent dental caries. Make sure that they don’t miss out on brushing their tongue.

Provide Enough Fluoride

Make sure your child gets enough fluoride as it plays an important role in protecting the teeth from decay. Buy them fluoride fortified toothpaste and get supplements if necessary. However, regulate the fluoride content to avoid any discoloration. Plan your kid’s first visit to the dentist and discuss the issue of fluoride supplements with them.

Limit Sugary Food

Excessive sugar can erode your child’s enamel and pave the way for the formation of cavities. Regulate their sugar consumption. Rinse their mouth whenever they consume sugary candies or beverages and you are good to go.

Say No To Sticky Food

Avoid giving your child sticky food items such as toffee and honey. It might stick onto their teeth and be extremely difficult to remove. This might lead to plaque buildup and initiate the process of cavity formation rapidly.

Give More Fruits And Vegetables

Eating crispy fruits and vegetables will stimulate saliva production in your kid’s mouth. It will help to reduce the presence of bacteria in their mouth and minimize the chances of getting dental caries.

Make Them Drink Lots Of Water

Fluoridated water is a great option and can act as a good preventive measure for your children. It also acts as an extra layer of protection. Make sure they hydrate themselves and that would wash out all the bacteria from their mouth.

Go For Dental Sealants

Talk to your pediatric dentist and consider getting your kids dental sealants. It will protect their teeth from decay and act as a shield.

We hope these tips will help you to take good care of your child’s oral health. If you have further questions then you can contact our pediatric dentist at Mendota Springs Dentistry. Looking for the best pediatric dental care services in Fitchburg, WI? Visit our dental clinic and opt for our quality dental care.


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