Tooth Extractions: When is it done, and what to expect?

Tooth Extractions: When is it done, and what to expect?

Tooth Extraction / By Mendota Springs Dentistry

The tooth is an essential part of our body. You may face severe complications if the tooth is injured or is affected by tooth decay. Hence tooth extractions are among the essential services offered by a dental professional. The procedure has provided great relief from the dental pain patients suffer from due to decayed or injured teeth. Only a qualified and experienced dentist in Fitchburg knows how to perform tooth extraction effectively. Otherwise, the suffering could become a dental trauma when an inexperienced dental professional tries to perform a tooth extraction procedure.

When does a tooth extraction happen?

Tooth extraction is offered by a dentist in Fitchburg whenever a person’s tooth has reached such a point that the damage becomes irreparable. When a tooth cannot be restored, tooth extraction becomes the best choice for the dentist. Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of a tooth being extracted. If left to stay long, the decayed tooth could cause the development of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Tooth extraction may also be necessitated by a dentist in Fitchburg whenever the person suffers from periodontal disease or gum disease. If the periodontal disease is causing severe toothache, then tooth extraction may be recommended by the Fitchburg dentist. There could also be scenarios in which a tooth may have suffered from trauma due to which it needs removal. A wisdom tooth extraction during such time becomes essential. Tooth extraction of wisdom teeth is also common. It becomes necessary when they cannot grow normally in the mouth and result in gum infections. 

Tooth extraction may also be required whenever a tooth becomes crowded. The dentist will recommend the extraction of the teeth to create enhanced space for straightening the rest of the teeth. 

What to expect?

The dentist administers a local anesthetic in Fitchburg to the patient. It is provided to numb the tooth’s area that needs to be removed. However, a strong anesthetic may be required if the extraction is performed for an impacted tooth or when more than one tooth needs to be pulled off. Thus the patient can sleep throughout the time of the procedure. It also helps the patient get rid of pain throughout the body at the time of tooth extraction.    


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